Bag Your Bags In The Greater Seattle Area

Did you know that the best way to recycle plastic bags is to return them to a participating grocery store? Plastic bags and film collected at grocery stores stay cleaner and are easier to process than if you use your home recycling cart. The bags are made into new products like decking, benches, playground structures and new plastic bags.

Approximately 61,000 tons of recyclable plastic bags and film are thrown into King County’s landfill every year.

No matter how hard we all try to remember our reusable bags, the fact is that most people still have a collection of plastic bags at home.

Participating “Bag your Bags! Bring ‘em Back” retailers include Fred Meyer, QFC, Safeway, Top Food & Drug, Town & Country Markets, Metropolitan Market and the Duvall Family Grocer.

And don’t forget to bring your reusable bags when you shop. A great way to remember them is to leave them in your car in a visable spot or hang them on the same hook as your coat or car keys.

Here is a short video on why it is so important to recycle plastic bags.

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