Snohomish County Offers Great Opportunities For Bird Watching

I live on acreage just on the outskirts of Lake Stevens in unincorporated Snohomish County. I have dedicated part of the land, which is a nice wetland, to protected birds and ducks.

Not long ago, my neighbor told me that they had spotted a bird that is in the immediate risk category called an American Bittern. They were shocked to see this species in our area, let alone happily strolling along the shore of the pond eating what appeared to be frogs. Since we have literally thousands of frogs in the wetlands it seems that this bird had found a great place for a meal.

I love watching all of the varieties of birds and ducks that live on and around this wetland. You don’t have to travel far to find an amazing variety of birds. Start in your own backyard. Sunflower seed tubes attract Nuthatches, Pine Siskins and Chickadees. Hopper feeders will attract Purple Finches, Sparrows, Grosbeaks and Crossbills. I love putting out several Thistle tubes around my property because they attract one of my favorites, Finches. I have red and yellow finches fighting for the dominant position on the tube. Woodpeckers can be annoying when they peck on your roof or gutter but I love the Pileated Woodpecker. They love suet cakes. The Red Winged Blackbird, Wrens, Jays and Warblers also love suet.

To bird watch beyond the backyard, check out this great Snohomish spot – Spencer Island. Spencer Island is a 412 acre wetland in the Snohomish river estuary in Everett. Don’t forget your binoculars and bird guide as there are numerous varieties to spot.

A bit further north in Skagit County is an area called Skagit Flats. Thousands of Snow Geese arrive each year from Siberia to feed and rest for the winter. They usually arrive in October and stay until sometime in April.

Bird watching has been reported to be one of the fastest growing outdoor activity in the country so give it a try. It makes a great family outing.